COVID: death toll in US over 200,000 now

That news quite frankly startled me. The most "advanced country in the world" as we are called at times, is now leading the world in COVID related deaths. What a year it has been. We never stop hearing about it on the news or internet. What is safe? What isn't safe? What protects us? What doesn't protect us? To vaccine or not to vaccine, that is the question.

I can recall like yesterday the misinformation about the reality of the world we are forced to live in now. In the beginning it was still sort of business as usual. Then more cases, and deaths started being reported. Our towns, cities, counties, states, and countries began shutting down. Lock down, only go out if you need to get groceries or gas, and only one member of your family. I then recall how only essential workers could go out. The employer I was employed by at the time even had to make cards for us to show in case we were pulled over for being out. Next was the all too familiar social distancing, and wearing a mask campaign. Mask wearing has set the internet ablaze with statements and opinions being fired off like canons from both sides. We aren't going to get into that firestorm in this post, don't worry. Many officials attribute the slow down of the virus to social distancing, and mask wearing. Whatever side of the fence you happen to stand on however, one hard fact would soon befall us all.

Whether the virus is man-made, started in China, can be passed by touching or breathing..........whatever variables one would like to run with, one thing is certain: people around the world are dying from it. When this hard fact hits home, be it a loved one, friend, or coworker, it becomes real. This is affecting all of us, the human family. That is what COVID has helped us realize. It sees no boundaries. It sees no nationality, no color of skin, no gender, no age, no bank accounts. Let's be truthful here, there really is no rhyme or reason to how this virus attacks. There are some factors and conditions a person can have to make them a higher risk, but that isn't anything written in stone. Each week it seems to change depending on which group they considered "safe" or not that "at risk" is now at risk. Now this COVID virus is becoming more real to some of us. Many who thought it was a hoax, or not as serious as it's made out to be are now changing their tunes so to speak.


What hits home for many now is the news that the US leads the world in COVID related deaths, 200,000+ this week. That number is mind boggling when one stops to think, and realize just how many people that is. This affects us ALL. The time has come for us to face these facts together. This virus isn't going anywhere anytime soon. Most reports I read states it will be here, in our faces at least another 2 years. We must rise together to face this problem. Gather facts, do research, educate yourself, then act accordingly. Above all, respect each other. Arguing has done nothing except keep us unsafe. It's time for us all to move forward in this new, uncharted world we now live in. Until the world's issues are taken care of once and for all, it's time for us to work together to do what we can to flatten curves on the virus and death toll. As one talk show host always ends his show..........take care of yourself, and each other.

Mitch W.


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