PPE Shortages Among The Long List of COVID Woes (We Can Help!)

As each day passes we hear more and more problems COVID is causing around the world. With the shortage of PPE this can begin to hit close to home. What makes it even worse is when healthcare workers, so very essential, are having a hard time sourcing PPE. Even if they may find it they may be forced to only order a little at a time. I personally hear this every day from healthcare providers. One dental office worker in Spokane Washington told me that she has to order from 6 different companies. Wow!

Just yesterday KXLY in Spokane wrote a very good article shedding light on this increasing problem. Read it HERE.

Now we are nearing possible school openings as summer begins to wind down. This will no doubt put more strain on procuring PPE for students and faculty. It's all enough to make you go bunkers if you keep thinking about it!

Well I am happy and quite proud to be employed with a company that is trying to make a difference. We have been in the eyeglass frame manufacturing business for over 25 years now. When we saw the need for PPE supplies over 6 months ago we began changing some of our manufacturing efforts towards making PPE items, at competitive pricing, but NOT sparing quality. We are getting shipments in, and we're taking orders. Contact us if you, your employer, or business need to source PPE.

I'll leave you with a quote I read this week. I liked it so much I even put it on our website's Homepage:

"Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass. It's about learning how to dance in the rain." - Vivian Greene

Mitch Wright - Major Account Manager

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